Attention to all,

Today, October 22, 17 homes were raided by ICE and the DHS in San Francisco. There was 10 raids in the Tenderloin, 6 in Bayview and 1 in the Mission district. The number of people detained is yet unknown. This seems to be large scale operation by ICE.

We cannot let this harassment and persecution of undocumented workers happen with out a response. We are calling for an EMERGENCY PROTEST at the ICE offices tomorrow. Let's show ICE that we will not let this happen in a Sanctuary City.

Where: ICE Office, 630 Sansome Street, SF
When: Thursday, Oct. 23rd at 4:30 PM
In Solidarity,
Movement for unconditional Amnesty
sfamnistia at (gmail)

Hey everyone!
I just finished the STOP the Raids Now meeting and I am fired up!  There were 17 raids, in some places tear gas was used.  They claimed to be looking for gang members from the infamous El Salvadorian gang MS-13 they say.  This is the same excuse that ICE uses to deport migrant sex workers and steal the assets of owners of massage incalls, calling it a trafficking ring.

We need to show solidarity with this community and talk about the raids and rescues and migrant sex work.  We need to outreach to those affected by deportation.  There are plenty of sex workers and clients inthis community too, but they cannot come out as they're double illegal and also shamed.  Looking for gang members and looking for traffickign victims is all an excuse to keep a migrant population, repressed and enslaved.


 Everyone attending that action is painting their face in Dia de los Muertos skull fashion.  We will be putas muertas (dead sex workers) that symbolize violence, etc.  

FYI-if you don't get deported, your profits are stolen by the government.  Notice how no mention of trafficking, abuse or deportation is in this article..

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CNS) -- A West Covina woman who ran a string of brothels under the guise of acupuncture clinics, spas, tanning salons and massage parlors was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison.
Jong Ock Mao, 50, pleaded guilty in August to two felony counts of conspiring to use interstate commerce to promote prostitution and using the proceeds from six brothels in Southern California and Dallas to buy real estate.
As part of her plea deal with prosecutors, Mao -- who is also known as "June"-- agreed to forfeit more than $10 million in property and assets derived from the prostitution scheme, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Robert Schoch, special agent in charge for the ICE office of investigations in Los Angeles, said that the case "led to the breakup of one of the most lucrative prostitution schemes ever uncovered in Southern California."



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